New Customer Experience

New Commerce Experience (NCE) & Promotions

Beginning January 10th, 2022, a discount on annual-term offers will be available on commercial seat-based offers in new commerce, and monthly term offers will be priced the same as annual term. Monthly term promotional pricing will be in effect through June 2022. Annual term promotional pricing will be in effect through March 2022. The promo allows partners to maintain the current pricing structure they are already used to having with the legacy model while transitioning onto NCE.

Monthly offers (January-June 2022)

Annual offers (January-March 2022)

16.7% discount* vs list price (to match legacy annual)

5% discount vs list price

Promotion is available to all partners but is limited to 2,400 seats per product. This cap is per end user, regardless of purchasing method or reseller/distributor relationships. Discount is calculated on top of list price. Promotions do NOT apply to nonprofit, academic, or government products available in CSP. Some products are excluded from receiving promotion (i.e.; Windows 365 products, and any product with existing promotions in the CSP channel)

Pricing shown in TD SYNNEX’s portal will be standard price. Please work with your designated Account Manager or the TD SYNNEX Microsoft team to factor your discounted price for the promotional period. Resellers will be billed based on Microsoft data and will automatically receive the discount on orders that qualify.

Learn more about the New Customer Experience Changes

Microsoft is introducing important changes to seat-based offerings in Microsoft CSP. The changes will have a major impact on commercial terms, margins and incentives, operation and billing logic and billing dates. This training is designed to explain these changes and their impact.

Download the NCE presentation for information about the program.

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Zero Risk NCE Annual Plans with Tech Data Capital

Microsoft NCE drives new financial considerations for the annual commitment options. As a way to reduce financial risk on NCE annual plans, Microsoft has teamed with Tech Data Capital to offer financing and first payment deferments for up to 90 days for qualified customers. This allows clients to capitalize on the new NCE offering and align their payments to usage while eliminating risk for partners by getting paid in full upfront. It’s a win-win!

Download the battlecard for information on financing, pricing examples and how you can use this solution as a negotiation tool with your customers!

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