TD SYNNEX ServiceSolv: Support for Every Customer Touchpoint

In today’s fast-paced environment, creating ready-to-use technology involves many touchpoints. With a variety of value-added services, TD SYNNEX ServiceSolv can supplement your company’s service offerings, skillsets and geographic reach to expand your services portfolio and earn more margin. By offering ready-to-go and cost-effective solutions, we remove the complexity and stress from integration to remediation so you can focus on selling the next opportunity and closing more business.

Providing End-to-End Technology Services


  • Cyber Range
  • Enablement Team
  • Pre-Sales Support
  • Solution Centers


  • 100+ Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Certification Programs
  • On-Site Delivery
  • Virtual Delivery

Field and Professional

  • Custom Statement of Work (SOW) Delivery
  • On-Site and Virtual Deployments
  • Static and Custom SKUs

Our Easy-to-Buy, Easy-to-Sell Model

Our engineering, education, integration, GoldSeal and helpdesk services give you access to:

  • 180+ Global Reach
  • 1,000+ SKUs Available for Any Postal Code
  • Online Information Portal
  • Subject Matter Experts in All Verticals
  • White-Labeled Resources

Learn More About ServiceSolv’s Focused Technology Services


  • Hardware Warranty Renewals
  • Licensing Renewals


  • GoldSeal and Helpdesk
  • Support 24/7: Level 1 and Level 2


  • Asset Tagging
  • Imaging
  • Server Builds