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Transitioning from Open License to the Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider Program

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Overcoming Objections to the Cloud

Cloud Solution Provider Program Evolution & Open License Program Changes

End-Customer Ready Email Templates

Stellr Marketplace Getting Started Video Series

Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider Indirect Reseller Incentive Guide

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Sales Track

M365 Bootcamp

Develop an L200 understanding of practice development and sales tools to drive Microsoft Teams...

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M365 Bootcamp

Develop L200 understanding of the underlying technology of Microsoft Teams...


Charlotte’s Digest – Fifth Edition of FY24

Charlotte’s Digest – Fourth Edition of FY24

TD SYNNEX Start-Ups and ISV Sales Sheet

TD SYNNEX Start-Ups and ISV Pitch Deck

Microsoft Office 365 / Microsoft 365 Brand Alignment

The Best Learning Resources for Cloud Migration

We are excited to announce that TD SYNNEX and Microsoft have partnered to bring you the best learning resources for Cloud Migration.

Whether you are just starting your cloud journey or looking to expand your existing cloud expertise, our programs can help you achieve your goals. As a trusted partner of Microsoft, we are committed to bring you the best learning resources and support to ensure your success.

STELLR Services

Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) Technical Workshop, Technical Walkthrough, and Self-Paced (On-Demand) Class

Companies around the world are reinventing their IT infrastructure to accommodate the shift to remote work. Now more than ever, it’s essential for remote employees to have secure access to their Windows 10 and Windows 11 desktops on any device, anywhere. Accelerate your AVD learning path and receive instruction in multiple ways.

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Microsoft 365 Security Technical Workshop, Technical Walkthrough, and Self-Paced (On-Demand) Class

In the cloud migration era, robust security is vital. Managing identities, devices, and data across diverse environments is crucial. Microsoft 365 offers a solution, streamlining data management. Join TD SYNNEX to enhance customer security with Microsoft 365, improving visibility and control while leveraging Microsoft's expertise for maximum protection.

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Microsoft Windows 365 Technical Workshop, Technical Walkthrough and Self-Paced (On-Demand) Class

Many companies are adopting a hybrid work environment. Leveraging Windows 365 facilitates this adoption quicker and with less risk. Join us and learn the benefits of moving to a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution. By attending one of our classes, you will learn Windows 365 terminology, best practices and the real-world application of Windows 365 from start to finish.

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Azure Migrate Technical Workshop, Technical Walkthrough, and Self-Paced (On-Demand) Class

Businesses today are looking to migrate their resources to the cloud, and utilizing Azure solves many of those infrastructure problems. Without support for IT, this transition can be challenging to transition smoothly. However, our team of experts can provide training for Microsoft’s Azure Migrate service. Our classes cover Azure Migrate terminology and best practices.

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Microsoft Power Apps Technical Workshop & Walkthrough Class

Microsoft Power Apps gives you the ability to create powerful business apps that run on phones, tablets, and browsers and pull data from over hundreds of sources, such as Salesforce, Adobe, Amazon, and many others. This beginner level workshop teaches how to build a line-of-business apps faster with less code or no code, automate business processes with out-of-box connectors, and utilize built-in solutions for common use cases.