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Meet NVIDIA – The Engine of AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is powering transformation in every industry. From speech recognition and recommenders to medical imaging and improved supply chain management, NVIDIA is providing your business with the compute power, tools and software stacks your teams need to do their life’s work.

TD SYNNEX and NVIDIA have a robust team that understands true business growth requires access to resources, tools and meaningful business infrastructure. We have invested heavily to provide our partners with high-impact business services, designed from the ground up to help them grow with AI and every other avenue using NVIDIA products and solutions.

Discover the Power of AI

NVIDIA Training Center

NVIDIA Practice Builder

NVIDIA’s accelerated computing technologies are being used by companies all over the world to tackle big challenges. TD SYNNEX’s NVIDIA Practice Builder channel will help you enhance your partnership with NVIDIA, better understand their solutions, grow your capabilities and discover go-to-market strategies that work for you and your customer base.

OEM Partners

Vertical Alignments

See how NVIDIA enables enterprise transformation with AI!

Smart Cities and Spaces

For cities and businesses around the world, the need to automate and improve operational efficiency and safety has never been greater. NVIDIA is delivering advanced, state-of-the-art AI software and GPU hardware to empower organizations in every industry to overcome their most complex challenges and transform their operations – ushering in a safer, more sustainable future.

Public Sector

NVIDIA is building the technology that will make communities safer and more connected everywhere. From building virtual environments that enhance preparedness and decision making, to deploying zero trust cybersecurity and generative AI capabilities, NVIDIA is helping the government drive mission success.


Healthcare demands new computing paradigms to meet the need for personalized medicine, next-generation clinics, enhanced quality of care and breakthroughs in biomedical research to treat disease. With NVIDIA, healthcare institutions can harness the power of artificial intelligence to define the future of medicine.


NVIDIA enables manufacturers to harness AI breakthroughs in engineering, simulation, production, remote collaboration and visualization to revolutionize design, transform engineering and power the factory of the future.

Higher Education

NVIDIA is accelerating workloads for AI researchers, future-proofing universities and preparing the next generation workforce. With on-prem solutions, to the cloud, NVIDIA builds AI-powered tools that drive discoveries in a variety of disciplines—at any time, from any location.


Leading retailers are tapping into AI to automate warehouse logistics, determine in-store promotions and real-time pricing, enable customer personalization and recommendations, deliver better shopping experiences and more—both in stores and online.


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