TD SYNNEX Storage Data Transport Service

Integrated Data Migration-as-a-Service (DMaaS) Solution

Data migration can be a challenge for any organization, especially if you need to move terabytes or petabytes of data. Speed and efficiency are crucial to avoiding system downtime resulting in lost revenue.

The Global Computing Components team and MinIO are excited to offer the TD SYNNEX Data Migration Service — based on MinIO software and Western Digital’s Ultrastar® Edge Server, the service provides a secure and reliable DMaaS solution that makes time-consuming, costly physical processes to move large quantities of data a problem of the past!

By combining the erasure coding, encryption and object locking capabilities of MinIO’s object storage software with the power of Western Digital’s high-performance edge server based on NVMe SSD storage, this unique TD SYNNEX offering delivers an integrated, tested solution that lets you safely and securely ship all the required components you need overnight to provide a quick, easy and cost-effective path for physically migrating data.

How the Service Works

Simply select the date(s) for your data migration and we will ship the transportable migration platform to you directly. Rentals begin at a 10-day minimum.

Low Price, High Performance

Migrate data anytime, anywhere and without any of the risks other DMaaS solutions can create. TD SYNNEX Data Migration Service puts you in complete control of where data is stored, communicated and accessed at all times — so you'll never be forced to upload data into a public cloud, sign a long-term contract or pay for unnecessary services as a result of using our solution. TD SYNNEX Data Migration Service can add availability, security and reliability to any largescale data migration through five key advantages:

Erasure Coding

MinIO’s high-performance erasure coding capabilities help TD SYNNEX Data Migration Service deliver exceptional resiliency and capacity efficiency. As a result, this solution can sustain multiple drive failures during transportation and still guarantee the readability and integrity of stored data.

Choose your level of resiliency (up to 50% drive failure) and satisfy even the strictest data protection and capacity requirements.

MinIO Object Storage

MinIO is a high-performance, distributed object storage system. It is software-defined and runs on industry-standard hardware to help companies avoid the costly negative consequences of downtime, delays and business interruptions resulting from data migration.

MinIO’s tiny footprint (<100MB) makes it ideally suited for edge storage use cases like TD SYNNEX Data Migration Service. MinIO is designed to operate with all features, capabilities and performance enhancements enabled — even in secure, air-gapped environments.

Supported by Western Digital

Western Digital’s portable server can provide over 60 new terabytes of solid-state storage in a rugged, tamper-evident case ideal for travel. Equipped with Intel CPUs and high-performance SSDs, these Western Digital solutions help ensure TD SYNNEX Data Migration Service’s data ingestion and transfer processes are always fast and accurate. Each server is built to deliver high performance and enterprise-class reliability on-the-go, with an integrated handle and wheeled transit case that makes carrying and transporting easy.

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