Technology for Life’s New Rhythm.

Say ‘hej!’ (that’s ‘hi!’ in Danish) to Jabra — an engineering technology that has been making life look and sound better for over 150 years! They know how to bring people closer and deliver technology that creates more natural and inclusive experiences.

There’s nothing like being together in the same room, but video collaboration is the next best thing — and Jabra knows that feeling comfortable and being ourselves on video is the key to effective remote working. Presenting on video from the home office? Talking to customers through the latest business plan from the board room? Whatever your customers have going on, Jabra can help: they’ve reinvented video collaboration with their advanced, intelligent video and superior audio technology. All designed to bring hybrid work and life together in perfect harmony.

Jabra. Technology for life’s new rhythm.

Introducing the New PanaCast 50 Video Bar System. The All-in-One Video Bar. For Meetings That Everyone’s All-in on.

Your all-in-one solution to completely re-invented meetings. Over 31% of the world’s knowledge workers now work outside the office*, making a ready-to-go meeting room experience that’s equally engaging and inclusive for everyone vital to productive hybrid collaboration. This one-of-a-kind solution features a 180° field of view, world-class audio, picture-perfect visuals and slick PanaCast Control touchscreen tablet capabilities to keep meetings all-inclusive.

Introducing the Android-based PanaCast 50 Video Bar System. A smarter way to work the room.

*Jabra Hybrid Ways of Working 2022 Global Report

Jabra Just Got Better.

As business gets more complex, the need for outstanding concentration and collaboration becomes greater. In an open office, that’s often a tall order.

Your customers need a new standard of professional headsets, and you can be the one to give it to them. With the latest future-proof technology, Evolve2 builds on the current standard to offer better performance in every aspect, adding even more value to your customers’ investment over time.

Evolve has evolved. Introducing Evolve2 – the new standard.

Speak2. The Next Generation of Professional Speakerphones, Engineered for Hybrid Work.

Forget everything you think you know about portable speakerphones. Jabra’s tearing up the rule book with the new Speak2 Range, featuring super-wideband audio* and advanced full-range speakers. This cutting-edge tech puts you front and center, unscrambling all of the possible frequencies in your voice’s natural range. It’s a dramatically more powerful audio experience.

*Speak2 75 only, super-wideband audio experience requires UC client support and device support.

Videoconferencing. Reinvented.

As the world shifts toward a more hybrid-working future, videoconferencing is more important than ever. But traditional videoconferencing tools don’t offer the flexibility required to deliver seamless, high-quality video collaboration in every situation. So that means it’s time to rethink meetings.

The Jabra PanaCast series delivers a unique combination of intelligence-driven video, audio and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities to completely reinvent collaboration, engineered with the new normal and hybrid working specifically in mind. It’s time to expand the possibilities for where and how we stay connected.

Complete Solution.
Endless Possibilities.

Today’s hybrid workplace calls for new strategies and technology to stay competitive and keep employees motivated and productive. With the new Jabra PanaCast 50 Room System, give your customers a complete solution that turns meetings into a collaborative and inclusive experience for the whole team, no matter where they’re joining from.

This offering combines Jabra’s innovative PanaCast 50 intelligent video bar with the Lenovo ThinkSmart Core and Controller. Plus, it comes preloaded with either Microsoft Teams Rooms or Zoom Rooms. It’s a combination that allows you to stand out with a unique offering that enhances hybrid meeting experiences from end-to-end, today, and well into the future.

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