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TD SYNNEX Podcasts

Join our TD SYNNEX Solutions Teams as they explore the latest technology offerings, IT channel trends and more in our in-depth podcasts:

Loud and Clear

Hosted by TD SYNNEX CollabSolv and VisualSolv

Discover market trends, industry solutions and how to grow collaboration, security and visual display business through strategic partnership.

The Digital Connection

Hosted by TD SYNNEX Advanced Solutions

Meet the innovators that are changing the way we’re modernizing networks – from IoT and data analytics, to cloud technology and data centers.

Surface Stories

Hosted by TD SYNNEX’s Microsoft Surface Team

Watch as we turn a spotlight on real Surface use cases, learn how solutions are designed and share memorable experiences inspired by Surface.

What’s Surfaced?

Hosted by TD SYNNEX’s Microsoft Surface Team

Catch up on the latest Microsoft Surface updates, vertical market applications and all things Surface in this entertaining video podcast series.

Hot Off the Press

Hosted by TD SYNNEX’s HP Print & Supplies Team

Join HP Print & Supplies experts as we share the secrets to accelerating growth and efficiency across your business.

HP Advance Program

Hosted by TD SYNNEX and HP

Join DemandSolv Senior Strategic Marketing Developer Robb Baker and the TD SYNNEX HP Inc. team for this podcast series dedicated to helping businesses excel in the world of HP products.

Beyond Boundaries
With Fantastic Four

Hosted by TD SYNNEX’s HP Personal Systems Team

Host and HP Personal Systems Business Development Representative Jack Dark will introduce you to HP and Fantastic Four experts to help you deliver world-class experiences, solutions and processes to your customers.