All-New Enterprise Software Solutions by Intel®

TD SYNNEX is the first and only distributor to offer enterprise software solutions by Intel®.

These solutions build trust in hybrid cloud environments, boost workload efficiency and deliver greater returns on artificial intelligence (AI). Explore each solution and then contact us to learn how you can expand your business with TD SYNNEX and Intel’s modern enterprise software solutions.

Empower Vision AI With the Intel® Geti™ Platform

This cutting-edge vision AI software unlocks unprecedented value by revolutionizing business operations. It solves complex challenges such as optimizing workflows, enhancing security and providing actionable insights through real-time data analytics. In an era where vision AI is more critical than ever, the Intel Geti Platform emboldens businesses to make informed decisions, stay competitive and thrive in the rapidly evolving digital landscape. For more information on the Intel Geti Platform, contact

What Is the Intel Geti Platform?

Optimize Workloads With Intel Granulate

This groundbreaking software solution delivers unmatched value by optimizing data center operations. It resolves critical issues like resource inefficiency and reduces infrastructure costs while enhancing performance. As data center optimization becomes increasingly vital, Intel Granulate empowers organizations to achieve peak efficiency, reduce operational expenses and maintain a competitive edge in today’s data-driven world. To learn more about Intel Granulate, contact

Continuous Optimization for Any Workload, at Any Scale

Secure Confidence With Intel Trust Authority

This essential confidential compute software delivers unparalleled value by safeguarding sensitive data and enabling secure, confidential processing. It effectively addresses critical issues such as data privacy, security breaches and regulatory compliance — making it indispensable in today’s digital landscape. As confidential compute software assumes ever-increasing importance, Intel Trust Authority empowers organizations to protect their most valuable assets, maintain trust and adapt to evolving security challenges. Contact for more information on Intel Trust Authority.

Independent Attestation by Intel Trust Authority