TD SYNNEX Cyber Range

TD SYNNEX is excited to welcome you to the first ever Cyber Range hosted by an IT Solutions Distributor. We are committed to pushing the boundaries of next-gen cybersecurity solutions and enabling our channel partners to secure their customers from the smallest SMB company to the largest global enterprise. Our goal is to equip our partners with the skills necessary to design holistic cybersecurity solutions and services that will mitigate against the most advanced cyber threats in the industry.

What Is a Cyber Range?

A virtual environment designed to immerse the student in a real-world customer network that can be used for educational training and for testing response procedures to known or simulated threats.

Our Mission

 TD SYNNEX is committed to enabling new cybersecurity talent and significantly improving the skills of existing cybersecurity professionals in the partner channel and the end-user community.

Cyber Training 

Practical hands-on courses to sharpen your cyber skills…


As a solutions distributor, TD SYNNEX is committed to providing our partner community with access to the most advanced cybersecurity technology available on the market through our vendor partners. We realize it can be confusing to understand the many solutions available, so TD SYNNEX will leverage our Cyber Range as a solution center to test and engage with the many offerings of our trusted vendor partners.

Events Calendar

TD SYNNEX is excited to offer the Cyber Range facility as a way for individuals to “feel and touch” cybersecurity and learn how crucial it is for companies to invest appropriately in their cyber defense. While many cyber services such as training courses and demonstrations of technology will be available remotely, engagement in the physical Cyber Range room will be available as well. For those who visit, they will have access to a variety of cyber challenges to test their skills and compete with others in the room. We will also host many types of events at the Cyber Range such as workshops, seminars, certification study groups and vendor or partner-hosted events.

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