Intro to Cisco Industrial IoT

Cisco offers an end-to-end IT portfolio that connects industrial assets to applications to uncover better business insights. Cisco focused on the middle of the traditional Internet of Things (IoT) stack — network connectivity, connectivity management, data control and exchange and edge computing. All of this is backed by Cisco’s industry-leading security solutions, ensuring that customers are protected end-to-end. Cisco offers a comprehensive IoT portfolio purpose-built to handle the harshest environments but operate on the same operating system and foundation as the broader Cisco portfolio.
Watch these short videos for more information on Cisco’s Industrial IoT: 
Introduction to Cisco Industrial IoT
Cisco Industrial IoT Security Solutions

IoT Specialization

Only IoT Specialized Partners have proven expertise in the IoT technology space. Becoming specialized is one of the first steps to solidifying your status as an IoT partner. However, the IoT Specialization is not a mandatory path to access and resell Cisco IoT products, all partners Registered and above have access to IoT products.

The IoT Specialization only requires one AM and one SE to complete the Black Belt Stage 1 training and pass the exams shown in each path: sales and technical. TD SYNNEX offers a condensed Boot Camp that helps prep both sales and technical professionals to pass the exam.

Contact for more information on the IoT Boot Camp.

Once Cisco IoT Specialized, the partner will be able to access special discounting and additional back-end rebates.

IoT IGNITE 1 program provides an additional 8% upfront discount with up to a 58% discount with OIP and TIP. Partners are also eligible for back-end IoT rebates through the VIP program, ranging from 2%-8% targeting certified partners from Premier and above. When qualified, partners can also leverage Perform Plus as back-end rebates to increase profitability.

IoT Advantage Specialization

For partners who are looking to make an additional investment and take it to the next level, Cisco offers the IoT Advantage Specialization. The Advantage Specialization training is a continuation, building on the framework from the entry-level specialization training. Both IoT Expert-level sales and technical training is required with an exam that must be passed and completed following the training.

What differs in terms of criteria from the IoT Specialization? The IoT Advantage Specialization requires two AM and two SE resources to complete the Black Belt Stage 1, if not yet already completed, as well as Black Belt Stage 2. Please note that IoT Specialization is not a mandatory requirement for the IoT Advantage Specialization, however Black Belt Stage 1, which is the learning path for the IoT Specialization, is required to be completed.

Once a partner meets the IoT Advantage Specialization requirements, they become eligible for additional IoT discounts and rebates. IoT Advantage Specialization activates IoT IGNITE 2, which means partners are eligible for up to 13% in IoT upfront discounts, and up to 63% with OIP and TIP. Partner eligibility for VIP and Perform Plus back-end rebate programs remains the same.

For more information, visit our IoT Partner Portal, where you will find all the details for the IoT Specialization and Advantage Specialization, as well as additional resources and tools.

Cisco IoT Portfolio

New Product Announcements

Introducing The New Cisco Catalyst IE3100 Rugged Series Switch

Small form-factor, faster speeds and a more secure design featuring compact, Gigabit L2 DIN Rail. Leverage your existing knowledge and investments to reduce downtime, increase efficiency and stay compliant. Streamline and secure your operations networks with a modern, intelligent and proven network controller.

Cisco’s Industrial IoT Fy24 Focus

For FY24, Cisco is focusing on commercial-sized manufacturing accounts. Find out why!

Cisco Promotions

There’s no better time than right now to kickstart your intelligent cities projects with these special offers on Cisco IoT products and solutions:

  • Up to 30% off industrial routers
  • Up to 28% off industrial routers with IoT OD
  • Up to 15% off IE switching with DNC subscriptions
  • New Cisco Ultra-Reliable Wireless Backhaul Hardware and Software Bundles
    • Up to 36% off Cisco FM4500 Mobi or FM4500 Fiber hardware and software bundles for mobility
    • Up to 32% off Cisco FM3200 Base and FM1200 Volo hardware and software bundles for fixed infrastructure

For more information, visit the Cisco Promotions site.