Core and Core+ Trainings

TD SYNNEX Core and Core+ Training

Core and Core+ Trainings

Whether you are starting your Cisco journey or strengthening your current practice, our Core and Core+ training programs are designed to give you the tools and knowledge you need to build a successful practice.

Core Training Options

TD SYNNEX and Cisco Fundamentals

Learn how to make the most of TD SYNNEX’s exclusive partner enablement offerings. This session will also help you understand Cisco’s Partner Program and how it can help you build a successful Cisco practice.

NEW – Cisco Programs and Promotions

Be more competitive with your opportunities! This session will have you explore incremental discounts, promotional opportunities and how to gain an edge by learning how to use Cisco programs.

TD SYNNEX EDGE Focus Tool Overview

Check out our award-winning tool, its capabilities as well as what it offers you in terms of visibility and strategy planning. This tool can give you everything you need to bring your Cisco business to the next level.

Creating a Deal in Cisco CCW

This step-by-step course is focused on how to navigate Cisco’s deal registration and configuration platform, CCW. Learn more about deal qualification, registration and the overall submission process.

Cisco SmartNet and CCW-R

Gain an understanding of what Cisco SmartNet is, the benefits it brings to your customers’ businesses and the options you have available to you right now! We’ll also help you understand Cisco CCW-R and how you can take advantage of their recurring revenue opportunities.

Cisco Smart Account and Smart Licensing

Capture new revenue streams and align with Cisco with Smart Licensing and Smart Accounts. This session will help you understand the difference between traditional licenses compared to Smart Licenses and how they are managed.

Intro to Cisco MSP Provider Role

This session will give you an introduction to the Cisco MSP Program. We will be discussing the benefits available to managed service providers (MSPs) through the Cisco Provider Program.

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Core+ Training Options

Meraki Overview and Demo

Start your path to cloud solutions and understand the deployment options available. Explore the benefits and take advantage of cloud-managed services. A demo in Meraki’s dashboard is also included in this session.

Cisco PSS and PMA Tools

Learn how to create, manage and associate your Cisco Profile. You’ll also understand how to manage your company’s Cisco profile as an administrator for safe access and proper privileges to your organization.

Introduction to Cisco IoT

Join our training to understand the Cisco Internet of Things (IoT) portfolio and examples of ideal deployments. You’ll also learn how to expand your practice to help propel your customers into the future.

Cisco PXP Tool – Rebates and Report Tracker

Learn how to navigate the rebate and report tracker, how to review each section of the PXP platform and the different reports available. This is a great session to empower business teams and get them the information they need to grow business.

Cisco Enterprise Agreement

Cisco Enterprise Agreement (EA) is a software buying program that digitizes and simplifies license management for Cisco suite customers. In this course you will learn all the benefits associated with Cisco EAs including simplicity, money saving and time saving.
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