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The integration of the Meraki Dashboard with the Catalyst switching line has created new capabilities within the Cisco Networking landscape. TD SYNNEX wants to ensure that our partners understand what changes this initiative brings, and how they can implement these changes into their own networking strategy.

New Catalyst SMB Switches 1200/1300

To consolidate the switching offerings under the Cisco portfolio, check out the new Catalyst 1200 and 1300 series switches for your SMB customers!

ThousandEyes Lego Workshop

Interested in co-hosting a customized software value workshop with TD SYNNEX for your customers? Join us for an enablement session where you will view our customer-facing material and participate in a fun hands-on workshop! At the end of this session you will have the option to work with TD SYNNEX and bring this same event to your customers.

For this first offering we are focusing on ThousandEyes and their comprehensive offerings, including:

  • TE Enterprise Agent Overview
  • Embedded Agent Offering
  • TE agent deployment on Cat9K using DNA Center
  • Capture the FLAG (CTF): Exercises to understand TE configuration test data in the use cases for DNA embedded agents.

ThousandEyes Prospecting Tools

Interested in selling ThousandEyes to your customers? Try ThousandEyes Prospecting Tools! Use the domain search tool to identify what SaaS, applications and third-party services your customers are using and how ThousandEyes will benefit them. You can then use the P2BDoc to get connected with your ThousandEyes rep before meeting with your customer.

Try Domain Search
Try P2BDoc

Enterprise Agreement 3.0 Update

Did you know you can now pair Meraki and Enterprise Networking on the same Enterprise Agreement (EA)? Click here for more information and how TD SYNNEX positioned to make sure you never have to pass up on an EA opportunity.

Cloud Management for Catalyst FAQ

Get Enterprise Networking Training On-Demand

We’ve gathered our networking experts together to discuss several Cisco Enterprise Networking solutions, including Cisco DNA, Smart Licensing Catalyst and more!

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Will Scruggs
Partner Business Manager – Cisco Enterprise Networking, TD SYNNEX