ITAD Services

Information Technology Asset Disposition (ITAD) Services

With a global reach in over 140 countries, provide additional value to your clients and increase their spend with TD SYNNEX’s Buyback and ITAD Program.

Our ITAD Services
focus on data security, ensuring all data is handled responsibly and destroyed appropriately. Our Buyback Program enables you to capture value from old hardware you are replacing, providing additional value to your customers.

Buyback and ITAD Program Benefits

  • Data destruction services, including data erasure, degaussing and physical destruction.
  • Global onsite data eradication services for all data bearing devices, which includes data liability, breach insurance and electronic waste recycling where needed.
  • Guaranteed data security and compliance – DOD, HIPAA, SOX, GLBA, FACTA and NIST compliant.
  • Logistics services to pick up and transport pre palletized equipment to a processing facility.
  • Onsite technicians to collect, palletize and ship hardware.
  • Secure facilities nationwide for electronics collection, transport, destruction, data eradiation and reporting.

We’ve Designed This Program with Partners in Mind!

  • Add more margin to your new equipment deals.
  • Expand your service portfolio with minimal effort.
  • Have a low-touch buyback and ITAD process for your customers’ devices.
  • Optimize the two-to-three-year resale window on most hardware.
  • Provide clients a value for equipment that is no longer needed.
  • Receive funds for eligible hardware you no longer have a use for.

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